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The registration capital of the company is 10 million RMB Yuan. Our company had passed the verification of ISO9001:2008 International Standard of Quality Control System. At present the main forging equipment includes:

Why does it fold?

Folding is formed by the combination of oxidized surface metals in the process of metal deformation. It can be formed by the confluence of two (or more) strands of metal convection;

Defects often caused by improper forging process

Large grains are usually caused by high initial forging temperature and insufficient deformation degree, or high final forging temperature, or deformation degree falling into critical deformation area.  

Common forging methods and their advantages and disadvantages

Free forging is a kind of forging process which uses simple universal tools, or directly exerts external force between the upper and lower anvils of forging equipment to deform the blank and obtain the required geometry and internal quality. The forging produced by free forging is called free forging.

Four inspection methods for forging of construction machinery

According to the production line of the product, the forging of construction machinery can only be put into use after it meets certain requirements and reaches the standard. Now let's talk about how to reach the standard.

What should we pay attention to when forging?

For the alloy with high degree of hard deformation alloy, slow deformation shall be adopted as far as possible, and the deformation amount of each stroke of each hammer or press shall be controlled at about 20% generally.
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