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How to measure the quality of OEM forgings?

Jun 14,2024

How to measure the quality of OEM forgings?

The main forging equipment includes: the remote controlled hydraulic forging hammer, the friction press, the medium frequency furnace , 100T punch and so on; CNC miling machine, linear cutting machine, EDM machine etc. different kinds of tooling machining equipment, also equipped with ordinary machining equipment, which include vertical machining centre etc. Our company mainly supplies the forklift hook, automobile fttings, construction machinery components, rail parts and chemical reactor tank spare parts.

How to measure the quality of OEM forgings?

(1) Geometry and size

Generally, the outer dimensions of OEM forgings are tested with measuring tools such as steel rulers, calipers and stencils; Die forgings with complex shapes can be precisely inspected by cracking

(2) Surface quality

Cracks, pressure points and folding defects on the surface of OEM forgings are usually visible to the naked eye. Sometimes the cracks are very small, and if the depth of the fold is unknown, it can be observed after cleaning the shovel; If necessary, the fault detection method can be used for testing.

(3) Internal organization

Whether there are cracks, inclusions, looseness and other defects in the OEM forgings, the macroscopic structure of the forging section can be checked with the naked eye or with a 10-to-30-fold magnifying glass. The method commonly used in production is acid etching testing, i.e. the sample is cut out of the part of the forging to be tested, and the defects of the macro-structure on the section can be caused by acid solution etching, such as the distribution of forging streamlines, cracks and inclusions.

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